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VAT Included

Handmade multi-cup 180ml

Refined Shiagaraki-Yaki

Made by Hozan Tanii


    Multifunctional cup, can be used as a Matcha bowl and tea cup. This Hyo Setsu Haku has been one of Hozan Tanii's best-selling products for over 30 years. The white color does not come from glaze, but from clay, which is very rare. Hozan Tanii discovered this rare white clay in the mountains 35 years ago. After 5 years of experimenting with different techniques, he developed the technique to do justice to this unusual white clay. Due to different shrinkage ratios between the white soil and the base soil, numerous cracks are formed, which are then covered with a solid layer of clear glaze.


    • Hyo Setu Haku means "3 layers" in Japanese, basic clay is the earth, white earth is the snow, clear glaze is the ice
    • Format unchanged for 30 years
    • Multifunctional, matcha bowl and tea cup
    • Content 180ml
    • Shiagaraki- Yaki style
    • Made by Hozan Tanii
    • Special packaging
    • Made in Japan


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