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"お 茶 は こ れ 以外 の 何 も の で も あ り ま せ ん: ま ず お 湯 を 沸 か し ま す。 お を を ⼊ 入 れ て そ れ か ら ち ゃ ん 飲 れ。" ん む。 ""

千 利利 休


Sen no Rikyu was an important tea master who managed to bring friend and foe together through the Japanese tea ceremony.

By drinking tea together in a tea house with thought through, perfected actions in a complete zen environment

Rikyu had the same philosophy for the design of Japanese gardens.



A close friendship had developed between the tea master Rikyu and the regent Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Over time, he became his chief advisor.

Rikyu wasn't afraid to speak his mind and so there was estrangement followed by mistrust.

Rikyu was accused of being involved in a plot to poison the warlord.

It was whispered that the warlord would be administered the fatal drink with a cup of green tea brewed by the tea master.

Suspicion was sufficient for summary execution

A privilege was granted :

'The honor of dying by one's own hand'

A ritual suicide.

On the day of his death, Rikyu invited his most important students to a final tea ceremony.

Rikyu offers everyone in the party a piece from his tea set as a souvenir.

He only keeps the tea bowl with him.

"Never will this bowl, which is tarnished with the lips of misfortune, be more used by a man,"

he speaks and breaks the bowl into pieces.

The ceremony is over.

He only asks his dearest pupil to stay.

With a smile on his face, Rikyu left for the unknown.

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