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Drinking the tea during the ceremony is done in complete peace and quiet.

One sits in a meditative squat.

The traditional tea ceremony is part of a meditation technique of Zen Buddhism and is therefore bound by strict rules and regulations regarding the actions and the place.

The tea ceremony is held in a Japanese tea house where the decor is tailored to Zen and Feng-Shui in order to

promote the flow of energy.


A Japanese tradition in which drinking tea has been elevated to an art form.

A tea ceremony consists of a series of predetermined actions that are performed one after the other in order to fully enjoy the tea and to maintain various traditions in Japan.

Tea ceremonies are divided into 2 categories

CHAKAI is a relatively simple gathering that combines sweets,

thin tea / usucha and sometimes a light meal.

CHAJI, is a 4 hour ceremony held in a tea house much more formal and usually includes a full Kaiseki meal followed by sweets,

thick tea / koicha) and thin tea.


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