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HOUJICHA is a japanese green tea,

but is distinguished from other green teas by the roasting process.

Houjicha is also roasted at a high temperature after steaming.

The roasting process turns the green tea leaf and the tea stems into one

red-brownish color.

The roasting process lowers the caffeine content,

but keep the antioxidant, catechin.

Houjicha has almost no bitterness,

so that you are there all day long,

can also enjoy cold.


houjicha karigane.JPG

HOUJICHA KARIGANE are the stems of roasted Sencha leaves.

Preparation :

Tea stems: 3 tbsp (7-8g)

Water temperature: boiled water

Amount of water: 200ml

Waiting time: 15-30sec.

Add up to 3x water.

Houjicha / Houjicha Karigane is 50% lighter than Sencha tea leaves. When prepared in Kyusu (teapot) use 2x the amount of Houjicha to preserve the soft nut flavor.



Also delicious to drink cold


houjicha powder.JPG

HOUJICHA POWDER is Houjicha ground to fine powder.

Great for culinary processing.

for example :

Houjicha latte

Houjicha cappucciono

Houjicha ice cream

* recipes



TEABAG HOUJICHA is filled with high-heat roasted Sencha leaves.

Preparation :

Put a tea bag in a teapot / tea cup
Water temperature: Boiled
Amount of water: 120ml
Waiting time: 15-30sec.

Add up to 3x water.

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