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Bamboo Chasen or..... .electric milk frother ,

Chashaku or..... a teaspoon ,

Chawan or..... a bowl

In short, don't make it so hard on yourself,

so you can enjoy MATCHA in your own way

  • Strain the matcha to remove any lumps.

  • Add 2 scoops with the Chashaku or 1 teaspoon - 2g Matcha in the Chawan

  • Pour 70ml of water at 80º into the Chawan.

  • Beat the Matcha with the bamboo whisk until a rich foam layer forms on the Matcha.

  • The movement you make with your bamboo Whisk is the letter W.

  • For the best taste, drink the Matcha within 3 minutes.

  • If you wait too long, the foam layer will disappear and the Matcha powder will collect at the bottom.


thin matcha

1 teaspoon matcha /

2 scoops with the chashaku

70 ml of water at 80º


thick matcha

2 teaspoon matcha /

4 scoops with the chashaku

50 ml of water at 80º

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