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airtight teacontainer

ITOURUSHI Airtight container Green / red

VAT Included

ITOURUSHI Airtight tea tin. Set of 2. Green / red Content: 150g


    ITO URUSHI is an airtight tea tin that is ideal for keeping the tea fresh. High quality green tea should be stored in an airtight container, free from heat and moisture. These Chazutsu are specially designed to keep your green tea fresh. Chazutsu are ideal for both long-term storage and daily use.

    The surface of this can is a refined design in the motif of the traditional art of the Japanese lacquer craft. URUSHI means lacquer in Japanese.

    Keep a small amount of tea in one Chazutsu for daily use. Use the other Chazutsu for relatively long storage, opening it very little so that the air does not come into contact with the tea too often. The tea can also be stored in the original packaging in this storage jar. In that case, remove the air from the original packaging and close it with a rubber band or a clip to keep your tea fresh even longer. However, in order to enjoy the fresh taste of green tea, it is important that you use it as soon as possible once the package has been opened.


    • Set (2 pieces)
    • Content: for 120 to 150g loose tea
    • Height: 12.5cm, Diameter: 7.5cm
    • Made of steel with a plastic inner lid
    • Made in Japan


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