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VAT Included


Content 360ml

Traditional Tokoname-Yaki Kyusu


    This Kyusu is very thin and lightweight, and weighs 175 grams, which is about half the weight of most Kyusu of the same size. Requiring a precise woodturning technique, these special Kyusu are only made by skilled artisans' hands and cannot be mass-produced. Many craftsmen are not willing to make thin Kyusu because of the time and effort it takes. However, in the Tokoname region, it is traditionally said that the thinner and lighter the Kyusu is, the higher the quality. The highest quality Kyusu are extremely thin and light.

    The handle is designed so that it fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to pour. The decorative surface is one of the unique features of Tokoname Yaki.


    • Handmade Kyusu
    • Size: 360ml
    • Traditional Tokoname Yaki
    • Film directed by Futoshi Sawada
    • Mr. Sawada was born in 1951. His style is precise and delicate


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