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HA KO Winter Fragrance Set of 5

HA KO Winter Fragrance Set of 5

VAT Included

A graceful fragrance set that warms the clear winter air. This box of five contains three "Winter HA KO" in the form of Holly and Sawtooth Oak, as well as special seasonal scents, and the popular scents of Agarwood and Spicy Jasmine.

The white HA KO boxed products are packaged in a translucent traditional Japanese paper known as Unryu-shi.


    Content : 5 pieces HA KO ( Spicy Jasmine, Agar Wood, Winter Cedar, Winter Fir Tree, Winter Sweet Ginger),  non-flammable felt.
    Dimensions: W78mm × H108mm × D30mm
    Weight: 50g


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